Ben 10 Games – Your Top 8 Choices

Ben 10 is the hit Cartoon Network show about a boy who can transform himself into different aliens to fight evil.  The toys accompanying the series are one of the hottest boys’ toys brands of the moment.Part of this boys’ toys range are Ben 10 games and here is a short summary of the top 8 choices available:Alien Force Quickshot Game (RRP £17) – this is a popular two player, battling game. In the middle of the board you place your alien pieces and you use your hand controller (one at each end) to shoot marbles hoping to hit all of your opponents pieces down before they shoot yours.  Many of the popular aliens feature as pieces in the game.Total Transformation Game (RRP £10) – just like Ben in the show, players get told by the 3D Omnitrix which alien they turn into. As all the aliens have different powers, you may be lucky and find yourself transformed into the right alien to defeat the villain you just met, but you might not! If you win the battle, you capture the villain and get to continue with your adventure.Aliens v Villains Game (RRP £8) – this is another game of battling villains as you move around a board, but here you can enjoy the game as a single player or play with a friend .  The Omnitrix card dictates the alien you transform into as you would expect with any Ben 10 challenge and you have to beat at least four villains to win.DVD Game (RRP £13) – you can play as 10 of Ben’s aliens in this DVD challenge where you attempt to defeat the evil villains in numerous tests of skill. Each alien has a mini-game based on their powers. Working through the game you acquire extra powers which will hopefully stand you in good stead to defeat Vilgax, the ultimate villain. The tests you encounter are completely random so each time you play you get a different game.   You also get to see clips from the TV show as you play.Top Trumps Card Game (RRP £4) – Ben 10 gets his own set of this ever popular card game.   There are cards for all of the popular TV show characters and players strive to beat their opponent with their card’s strongest power. The Ben 10 powers you compete with include strength and speed. You win your opponents card if your card ‘trumps’ theirs within the power category chosen. This easy to play card game has great artwork and can be easily carried on trips to keep your Ben 10 fans happy anywhere.Guessing Game (RRP £13) – this game is just like Guess Who but for Ben 10 characters. Each player needs to guess which character their opponent has selected by asking questions and eliminating the other choices. There are 24 characters to guess from.Memory Game (RRP £7) – this is just a matching pairs game but with nice thick cards, great artwork and easy rules, it is ideal for younger players. All of the favourite Ben 10 characters are included on the 72 picture cards.Puzzles (from RRP £3) – there are numerous 100 piece puzzle packs available featuring different aliens from the series.